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Conference Presentations

The development and testing of a semi-automated Hierarchical Task Analysis process Ergonomics and Human Factors
April 19th - 21st 2016, Northamptonshire, UK.
Declarative Programming and Querying in a Distributed Cyber-Physical System: The i-VISION Case
2nd International Workshop on modelling, analysis, and control of complex Cyber-Physical Systems, April 11th, 2016, Vienna, Austria
Implementation and automatic generation of Hierarchical Task Analysis for Immersive Validation
Human Factors in Aviation Safety, November 9th – 10th 2015 at Radisson Blue at East Midlands Airport (EMA) in the UK
i-VISION Overview presentation
AERODAYS 2015, 20-23 October, London UK
i-VISION Poster Presentation
AERODAYS 2015, 20-23 October, London UK
i-VISION Project poster presentation: Immersive Semantics-based Virtual Environments for the Design and Validation of Human-centered Aircraft Cockpits
5th EASN Workshop, 2-4 Sep, Manchester, UK , 2015
i-VISION Project Session
5th EASN Workshop, 2-4 Sep, Manchester, UK , 2015
Semantically Integrated Human Factors Engineering
6th International Conference, HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, CA, USA, August 2-7, 2015
Virtual Reality Flight Simulator for Human Factors Research
Airbus Group Human Factors Network Meeting, Toulouse, France, November 20, 2014
i-VISION – the Future of Human-centric Cockpit Design
AIRTEC 2014, Frankfurt, Germany, October 28–30, 2014
4th EASN Association Workshop
Aachen, Germany, October 27-29, 2014